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“I always thought that I had good swimming pool water and maybe to a point I did. What I have now though is excellent swimming pool water. My water looks like glass and my pool hall is not filled with any form of odour. I have teachers excited about getting in the water and not suffering with any form of skin irritation, but what is even better is my customers are noticing the difference. I honestly could not be any happier with the team at Ozone 1 and the quality of their workmanship. I cannot speak any higher of them”

Laurie Lawrence

Palazzo Versace

Ozone 1 approximately 6 months ago attended our site to help me with a problem with our indoor pool. We were constantly getting negative feedback about the chlorine smell in our indoor pool. The boys from Ozone 1 installed 2 pieces of equipment which alleviated this problem straight away; they installed a Bluei 302 Smart Controller and an Ozone Swim Pool Purification system. Since the installation of this equipment we have not had 1 single complaint from guests and our owners and myself are extremely happy and looking forward to doing more business with Ozone 1. I would be happy to confirm my thoughts to any perspective buyer if needed.

John Banks – Chief Engineer

OMG, we couldn't be happier with our Ozone Swim Pool Purification System!

Our existing chlorinator gave us a great 15 years’ service however as we had to replace the cell every 3-4 years it finally got too expensive to repair.
We deliberated between replacing with a standard chlorinator or the Ozone Swim and are so glad that we decided to invest in an Ozone Swim system. Our water is crystal clear and sparkling and one of our regular swimming visitors commented that the water felt softer! On top of that, a slight green tinge of algae that I have been battling to remove has disappeared.
To top it all off, we have received fantastic support from David, Luther and the team at Ozone Swim & Brauer Industries. Thanks for making our investment so worthwhile!
Many thanks,

Craig Down

Australian Swim Schools Association

The Australian Swim Schools Association’s primary national pilot centre, Westside Swimming in Brisbane, recently underwent a retrofit to elements of it’s plant room with the objective of improving the health of the customers and staff, and the environment, in an economically viable way. The swim school is typical of many in the industry, with heavy bather loads in warm water resulting in undesirable levels of chloramines. Additionally, in accord with the Australian Swim Schools Association’s SwimECO program, decreases were sort in terms of chemicals used, power consumed and water lost. The installation of Ozone 1 units – one for each of the 3 pools – proved a highlight. The simple, no-touch system was easy to fit and install into the crowded plant room. Almost immediately, major deceases occured in (a) chloramines and the subsequent odour in the atomsphere, (b) chlorine consumption, (c) water loss due to reduced backwashing requirements and (d) labour demands. In short, the results were: - Cleaner, healthier water, - Major operating cost savings, and - Happier customers and staff. On a personal note, I can report that the team at Ozone 1 have been a pleasure to work with. Timelines were meet and after-sales service has been above what is expected ... all in a friendly, informative manner. I highly recommend Ozone 1 to any such centre wanting to make major improvements to their water quality, reduce environmental impacts and save of overheads.

Ross Gage - CEO

The best way to describe Ozone is like swimming in a pool of Evian water.

Well what can I say about Ozone, without a doubt the best decision I made for my family. We renovated our pool November last year, replaced the pump and pebble creted the pool. We installed Ozone before we filled the new pool and I still can't believe the difference it has made. I had never heard of Ozone before and my wife was on my case about getting it installed at our home. The second the water touches your skin you can tell it's different. The best way to describe Ozone is like swimming in a pool of Evian water. I highly recommend this product and think your mad if you do not install it at your home.

Arley Obarzanski

Ozone Swim was the only option!

Having a new born baby, we wanted to ensure our families pool had the purest conditions so our little one could learn to swim in clean water without the harsh chemicals. Ozone Swim was the only option that could offer this and after hearing amazing things, we have not looked back

Kirra Galea

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