Swimming Pool Facts

Swimming is the perfect activity for some fun in the sun however before diving in for your next swim this is what you should know!

1. Traditional sanitation systems work by directly dosing your pool water with high levels of chlorine or produce chlorine via a salt water chlorinator. While this does kill off some unwanted water inhabitants, when chlorine comes into contact with pollutants, it often creates secondary compounds called chloramines. It is these chloramines that are known to cause swimmers skin, eye, hair and respiratory complaints.

2. Swallowing or making contact with contaminated water from a swimming pool can spread illness. Chlorine resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium can survive in properly treated water for days and are unfortunately the common cause of many public health outbreaks.

3. Microorganisms can be present even in pools that appear clean. What you smell, feel and see can help you sense whether you are swimming in a healthy pool so stay alert for unhealthy water conditions and report issues when they occur.

4. Pool hygiene is everyone's responsibility therefore swimmers should shower before entering the water to help avoid perspiration, urine, oils and other wastes entering the water with them. Showering after swimming is also recommended to help wash pollutants and chloramines off of your skin.

5. Parents must make sure their small children are wearing a well fitted swim nappy before entering the water. These are not leak proof so your children must checked at regular intervals to minimise contamination risk.

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